Unspoken Adventures

  There was some pushing and lifting. The next moment we stood on the wall. Then there was a mighty jump followed by a bushy landing. We were all standing on knee deep bushes which were still wet due to the afternoon shower. We had recently shifted from the Bank Colony after staying there for a long time span of six years. I still go there to play with my childhood friends present over there. We always felt that Bank Colony was a rather small place for so many of us.

That we decided to go outside Bank Colony to a nearby open meadow which was under some undeveloped area and belonged to RBI, Durgapur. There was a proper road of going there but only RBI employees had the allowance to go to that place. So we decided to jump over the small bank colony wall the go there through the hedges that surrounded the area and as we stood over the weathered wall that separated that place from the bank colony we were tempted to play on those open fields. 

We jumped on the other side of the wall. We landed on knee deep bushes. Only a little walking through these bushes and we will reach the open field. However we soon realized that the little walking wont be easy.

The bushes were intense and wet and replete with insects, specially mosquitoes. My legs were itching constantly. There was a risk of other reptiles but we had stumps and long sticks in our hands and slowly we cleared our way through the dense bushes. Soon we reached the open field. 

The field was perfectly trimmed , smooth and soft. One of my friends laid down over there and started rolling , his dress got a bit wet though. Faint breeze blew and kissed us. We could feel as well as the moisture trapped in it and it seemed to lift our spirits. A green open field below a cloudy sky…What more we need in life!! 

Soon little drops of rain landed on our heads. We had started playing. Those who like sunshine have probably never played football in the rain. After the game we sat on the wet grass looking at the clouds. There was constant moved in the sky. The clouds were meandering , giving rise to a silky wind that made us feel more enthusiastic. 

As we sat there , all of contemplated something. So many things were going on inside my mind. I thought if the weather could remain the same forever. But once again we cant enjoy a good weather unless we have an idea about what is a bad weather. May be the same thing is true for our lives. In order to enjoy the good times one be endure the bad times or probably the adversities that we face just give us an idea about bad times so that we can enjoy the good times. 

I strongly believe that the best way to live life to choose to be happy at any and every situation…








Old Memory Shake (II) : Gayle’s story

Yesterday my old friend Gayle phoned me. We had long chat. We were and still are best friends. After the exams were over we both got all too busy with our vacation. We couldn’t manage time to meet each other. Now our school has began and unfortunately we have been placed in different sections. In fact my whole friend circle got scattered and we all are still sad about it.

When I kept the phone I couldn’t help but think about those distant long gone days of class nine. The benches were long and three people could fit in one bench. In class we had a really big friend circle and we sat conquering the last benches like some dreadful gang. It consisted of me , Gayle,  Riccardo , Micheal, John, Andy and some more of us.(our real names have been concealed for privacy issues.)

Yes we were the bad boys, the crazy people who sat  capturing the last benches and discussed great ideas, great books and movies and sports.

Right now I am going to narrate one of those cherishing memories of things which we did during those days , those sundry events that took place among us and our classroom life and philosophy.

The English class was going on. Our teacher was gearing up to ask questions from the book : “The merchant of Venice”. Now the interesting part is that Gayle was not prepared to answer the questions. The more interesting part is that he knew very well that our teacher would definitely  ask him questions. The most interesting part is what he did to avoid being questioned:-

He got under the desk! Initially only his face was under the desk and one could  see the rest of his body rising up from no where. We see movies and cartoons where mariners detect a shark by seeing its horn raised above water. Just like that the back part of his body rose out of no where. On seeing this we all started laughing. Riccardo went and slapped on his back. The next moment he fell down from the desk and was well covered from the teacher. Now we all were trying to hide our laughter for the teacher might doubt us and catch Gayle. Then the question session began. We were trying to answer the questions when a voice was heard from below, as though the Earth was talking with us. The voice said , ” Hey guys, this is my underground parlor (UG). Our teacher heard a part of it and was startled as she saw no one talking but she did hear! We nudged him with our legs. He went silent. However we all were laughing. After sometime a hand came out from no where and kept a chit on my desk. It was Gayle. The chit read ,” Rascals, let the teacher go and I will see u all”. We burst out laughing but controlled ourselves before the teacher could see us. Finally a singing came from below. Just then the bell rang. NO NEED TO CONTROL THE LAUGHTER ANYMORE. We all laughed out loud. Gayle crept out from his underground hede-out.

Oh these sweet memories. I wish I could go back and relive those thrilled moments when it felt as though we few people were going against the whole world. But time is like a river. It flows , sometimes fast while sometimes slowly. So does life. In this era of cut-throat competition no one is expected to wait for the other, no matter how close they are. However today I feel quite proud of my friends and myself as well. Those so called good boys of the class…at the end of the day they would only have notes which are dull and gray. But we have endless memories which still make us smile with childish innocence. MAY BE THIS IS WHAT WE LIVE FOR!!!!

Some Wintry Thoughts…

A freezing wind chased away the sultry days of summer and polished the sky to gleaming blue hue. This very same wind was responsible for chilling the little birds so that they could not meander about the sky but sit compactly in their comfortable nests. No doubt  winter was approaching fast.

Soon the wind that initially whispered began to roar  declaring that , ” I AM WINTER. And here I stand for all those idle moments which you all pass under the quilt and feel retired, all those coloured garments that flourish at every street and corner of the city and all those comforting periods of basking under the Sun.”

It was around 7:30 in the morning that I stepped out of the main gate of our house to go to the bus stand where my school bus would come. My final exams were going on.

As I walked towards the bus stand my eyes fell on a tea shop. People were sitting on benches gathered around the steaming container of steaming tea . Soon the hot tea was served to them. I could smell the warm flavour tea laced with cream and bread.

What a fine winter morning it was! Cold breeze was blowing and every time I exhaled  I found some smoke coming out of my mouth and nose. I exhaled again and again to produce more smoke that would vanish before I could wink. The wind, the fragrance coming from the tea stall and the smoke seemed to delight me. I felt happy out of no reason and started smiling as I stood waiting for the bus. The bus came. I got up and found all  other boys  reading  text books. In my so called “out-of-no-reason-delight”, I completely forgot about my exam. As the bus moved on I could see the smoke rising from the hatched roof of the tea shop.

All these text books teach us how to solve problems in maths, chemistry, physics and other subjects. We are only taught to solve the problem created by others on pen and paper for us. But what about the problems we create for ourselves? What about those moments when our heart and mind rebel against each other? What about all those moments when we are sad and yet we have to go on doing our duties with a fake smile? What about all those battles that we fight inside our heads? Does any book teach us to solve them? Does any formula exist which could solve these problems?

I think the solutions to all such problems lie out here in nature where the leaves are moved by the faint breeze, where the smoke rises and  vanishes on its own and may be that is how our problems might vanish if we are one with the nature as the nature is the only perennial reality and no one can change it.

We set targets and blindly follow them. But  life isn’t meant to be lived like this. Life is not merely a jigsaw puzzle  or a set of questions and answers.  Life itself is an adventure , a discovery; and I strongly believe that even if we have a heavy schedule we must not forget to step outside the boundaries of our schedule and get one with the beautiful surroundings…

Old Memory Shake! (I)

It happened last weekend.

The sky was grey or rather blackish grey. I was out in a field playing football. We were only five or six , the sky scared most people. I heard two old men discussing. One of them said , ” Its Nor’wester, lets go home.” 

A warm wind was blowing. Suddenly the sky barked. A gust of cold wind struck us. It was rich in moisture and we could feel it as it cooled our skin. The wind carried the enthusiastic smell of the soil, when it gets wet by the first rains of the season. I felt even more lively and urged my friends to keep playing. The wind grew stronger. The Nor’wester indeed! Now sand was blowing all around and we had to keep our eyes half open only. One of my friends became too excited and started jumping and dancing and in the next moment we all were doing the same. The strong wind made the trees dance along with us. The air was filled with sound of rustling and breaking of branches. The wind could be heard singing as it darted into the narrow spaces between the houses that surrounded the field. 

I was enjoying the situation when suddenly those bending of trees , that sound of rustling of leaves and the roar of the ghostly storm stimulated a strange feeling and took me away to somewhere…… to some place long forgotten…

Krishnagar. When I was in lower kindergarten we used to stay in Krishnagar. As those old memories flooded inside me I was taken away to those days of our three-year stay at Krishnagar, a place of myths and magicians, kings and bishops. I remember the palace of the Raja Krishna Chandra Roy which has now become a heritage. I remember the big lake which the locals called , “Rajar Dighi”.

My father used to take me to school on our bike. We had to cross the “Rajar Dighi”. During winter the whole area would be covered with dense white fog like snow dust and when one looked for some time one could get fading glimpses of swans frolicking in the serene waters of the lake. On one bank of the lake there stands a great banyan tree. During summers that bank would seem tempting and some tribal kids  could be seen playing under the shade of the tree beside the azure waters of the lake. 

Krishnagar was not much developed at that time. It was merely a town, rather it was a peaceful and tranquil place to live; no heavy traffic, not much pollution, not even shopping malls, all too far off from today’s overcrowded madding cities.

Our house there, was surrounded by many trees. In fact the town itself was full of trees and lush vegetation. The place was not much spoiled by the so called advancement of civilization. I remember how I used to cry when during rainy season stormy winds made the palm and coconut trees dance, to and fro, in simple harmonic motion, and made ghostly noise. I was scared of the noise of the rustling of the leaves when the trees wrestled against one another.

Suddenly I felt wet. It was raining. All my friends had already ran into the shed. I was the only one getting wet cherishing my childhood memories of a peaceful place where I had spent three years and seen how beautiful the nature could be. Now that I am  16…that I stand in the middle of a field braving a fierce storm makes me smile. I am no longer afraid of the rainy season.

I wonder how our fears, obsessions, desires and in fact, the basic needs change as we grow up. We make attachments, although we know nothing is perennial, only to put more stress upon ourselves. All children dream of becoming adults and yet when they grow up they miss those distant carefree childhood days. Is it not really possible to get younger?

Lets all try and remain children and not give a damn about what others may think of us!!!

Here I Am!

Well here I am at wordpress with my very first blog and I m actually wondering what should I begin with. I decided to create this  blog to share the daily events of my life. My father always says that I should write in a dairy all that is happening to me everyday. I still remember what he excatly says , ” All these years so many great things I have witnessed , so many great things i have experienced…but I never wrote. Now they are a pile of fading memories getting dimmer everyday . Had I really written even 1% of all that I have seen, thought, heard, witnessed…believe me it would have become an epic. I am quite sure that for writing something unimaginable you don’t need to sit in front of a blank page for hours and think. All you need to do is to absorb all that you see or hear or think and someday you will realize you have ended  up writing an epic!” After hearing this it is quite difficult for me not to get started with this writing habit. So I thought instead of writing in a dairy I must write it here so that I could share it with my friends.