Here I Am!

Well here I am at wordpress with my very first blog and I m actually wondering what should I begin with. I decided to create this  blog to share the daily events of my life. My father always says that I should write in a dairy all that is happening to me everyday. I still remember what he excatly says , ” All these years so many great things I have witnessed , so many great things i have experienced…but I never wrote. Now they are a pile of fading memories getting dimmer everyday . Had I really written even 1% of all that I have seen, thought, heard, witnessed…believe me it would have become an epic. I am quite sure that for writing something unimaginable you don’t need to sit in front of a blank page for hours and think. All you need to do is to absorb all that you see or hear or think and someday you will realize you have ended  up writing an epic!” After hearing this it is quite difficult for me not to get started with this writing habit. So I thought instead of writing in a dairy I must write it here so that I could share it with my friends.



One thought on “Here I Am!

  1. Wow!!! It’s wonderful that u finally decided to get started… I have Himalayan faith upon u and I do believe that u would make a remarkable difference with ur writings and leave indelible marks in the mind of ur followers

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