Some Wintry Thoughts…

A freezing wind chased away the sultry days of summer and polished the sky to gleaming blue hue. This very same wind was responsible for chilling the little birds so that they could not meander about the sky but sit compactly in their comfortable nests. No doubt  winter was approaching fast.

Soon the wind that initially whispered began to roar  declaring that , ” I AM WINTER. And here I stand for all those idle moments which you all pass under the quilt and feel retired, all those coloured garments that flourish at every street and corner of the city and all those comforting periods of basking under the Sun.”

It was around 7:30 in the morning that I stepped out of the main gate of our house to go to the bus stand where my school bus would come. My final exams were going on.

As I walked towards the bus stand my eyes fell on a tea shop. People were sitting on benches gathered around the steaming container of steaming tea . Soon the hot tea was served to them. I could smell the warm flavour tea laced with cream and bread.

What a fine winter morning it was! Cold breeze was blowing and every time I exhaled  I found some smoke coming out of my mouth and nose. I exhaled again and again to produce more smoke that would vanish before I could wink. The wind, the fragrance coming from the tea stall and the smoke seemed to delight me. I felt happy out of no reason and started smiling as I stood waiting for the bus. The bus came. I got up and found all  other boys  reading  text books. In my so called “out-of-no-reason-delight”, I completely forgot about my exam. As the bus moved on I could see the smoke rising from the hatched roof of the tea shop.

All these text books teach us how to solve problems in maths, chemistry, physics and other subjects. We are only taught to solve the problem created by others on pen and paper for us. But what about the problems we create for ourselves? What about those moments when our heart and mind rebel against each other? What about all those moments when we are sad and yet we have to go on doing our duties with a fake smile? What about all those battles that we fight inside our heads? Does any book teach us to solve them? Does any formula exist which could solve these problems?

I think the solutions to all such problems lie out here in nature where the leaves are moved by the faint breeze, where the smoke rises and  vanishes on its own and may be that is how our problems might vanish if we are one with the nature as the nature is the only perennial reality and no one can change it.

We set targets and blindly follow them. But  life isn’t meant to be lived like this. Life is not merely a jigsaw puzzle  or a set of questions and answers.  Life itself is an adventure , a discovery; and I strongly believe that even if we have a heavy schedule we must not forget to step outside the boundaries of our schedule and get one with the beautiful surroundings…


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