Old Memory Shake (II) : Gayle’s story

Yesterday my old friend Gayle phoned me. We had long chat. We were and still are best friends. After the exams were over we both got all too busy with our vacation. We couldn’t manage time to meet each other. Now our school has began and unfortunately we have been placed in different sections. In fact my whole friend circle got scattered and we all are still sad about it.

When I kept the phone I couldn’t help but think about those distant long gone days of class nine. The benches were long and three people could fit in one bench. In class we had a really big friend circle and we sat conquering the last benches like some dreadful gang. It consisted of me , Gayle,  Riccardo , Micheal, John, Andy and some more of us.(our real names have been concealed for privacy issues.)

Yes we were the bad boys, the crazy people who sat  capturing the last benches and discussed great ideas, great books and movies and sports.

Right now I am going to narrate one of those cherishing memories of things which we did during those days , those sundry events that took place among us and our classroom life and philosophy.

The English class was going on. Our teacher was gearing up to ask questions from the book : “The merchant of Venice”. Now the interesting part is that Gayle was not prepared to answer the questions. The more interesting part is that he knew very well that our teacher would definitely  ask him questions. The most interesting part is what he did to avoid being questioned:-

He got under the desk! Initially only his face was under the desk and one could  see the rest of his body rising up from no where. We see movies and cartoons where mariners detect a shark by seeing its horn raised above water. Just like that the back part of his body rose out of no where. On seeing this we all started laughing. Riccardo went and slapped on his back. The next moment he fell down from the desk and was well covered from the teacher. Now we all were trying to hide our laughter for the teacher might doubt us and catch Gayle. Then the question session began. We were trying to answer the questions when a voice was heard from below, as though the Earth was talking with us. The voice said , ” Hey guys, this is my underground parlor (UG). Our teacher heard a part of it and was startled as she saw no one talking but she did hear! We nudged him with our legs. He went silent. However we all were laughing. After sometime a hand came out from no where and kept a chit on my desk. It was Gayle. The chit read ,” Rascals, let the teacher go and I will see u all”. We burst out laughing but controlled ourselves before the teacher could see us. Finally a singing came from below. Just then the bell rang. NO NEED TO CONTROL THE LAUGHTER ANYMORE. We all laughed out loud. Gayle crept out from his underground hede-out.

Oh these sweet memories. I wish I could go back and relive those thrilled moments when it felt as though we few people were going against the whole world. But time is like a river. It flows , sometimes fast while sometimes slowly. So does life. In this era of cut-throat competition no one is expected to wait for the other, no matter how close they are. However today I feel quite proud of my friends and myself as well. Those so called good boys of the class…at the end of the day they would only have notes which are dull and gray. But we have endless memories which still make us smile with childish innocence. MAY BE THIS IS WHAT WE LIVE FOR!!!!


8 thoughts on “Old Memory Shake (II) : Gayle’s story

  1. Gayle’s Story makes interesting reading. It’s so lively and so hilarious! That’s life in true sense and these moments are priceless gems indeed. And who knows someday the Gayles would turn into a renowned scientists, engineers, physicians or astronauts. There are so many cards under life’s sleeves. This piece of writing need little bit of editing. Few grammatical errors have cropped up again and few vitals words are either dropped or got overlapped out of excitement. Try to be more error free next time. Don’t get bogged down by these errors and mistakes. These are the forerunners that slowly but steadily shape up a good writer. So keep writing.


  2. The comment of Sharbori Miss has definitely warmed up the cockles of ur heart. Now I m sure that u r able to transmit the effect of ur writings on the heart and mind of ur readers. Keep writing, take care of the errors and go ahead. People are watching u with great interest.


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