Unspoken Adventures

  There was some pushing and lifting. The next moment we stood on the wall. Then there was a mighty jump followed by a bushy landing. We were all standing on knee deep bushes which were still wet due to the afternoon shower. We had recently shifted from the Bank Colony after staying there for a long time span of six years. I still go there to play with my childhood friends present over there. We always felt that Bank Colony was a rather small place for so many of us.

That we decided to go outside Bank Colony to a nearby open meadow which was under some undeveloped area and belonged to RBI, Durgapur. There was a proper road of going there but only RBI employees had the allowance to go to that place. So we decided to jump over the small bank colony wall the go there through the hedges that surrounded the area and as we stood over the weathered wall that separated that place from the bank colony we were tempted to play on those open fields. 

We jumped on the other side of the wall. We landed on knee deep bushes. Only a little walking through these bushes and we will reach the open field. However we soon realized that the little walking wont be easy.

The bushes were intense and wet and replete with insects, specially mosquitoes. My legs were itching constantly. There was a risk of other reptiles but we had stumps and long sticks in our hands and slowly we cleared our way through the dense bushes. Soon we reached the open field. 

The field was perfectly trimmed , smooth and soft. One of my friends laid down over there and started rolling , his dress got a bit wet though. Faint breeze blew and kissed us. We could feel as well as the moisture trapped in it and it seemed to lift our spirits. A green open field below a cloudy sky…What more we need in life!! 

Soon little drops of rain landed on our heads. We had started playing. Those who like sunshine have probably never played football in the rain. After the game we sat on the wet grass looking at the clouds. There was constant moved in the sky. The clouds were meandering , giving rise to a silky wind that made us feel more enthusiastic. 

As we sat there , all of contemplated something. So many things were going on inside my mind. I thought if the weather could remain the same forever. But once again we cant enjoy a good weather unless we have an idea about what is a bad weather. May be the same thing is true for our lives. In order to enjoy the good times one be endure the bad times or probably the adversities that we face just give us an idea about bad times so that we can enjoy the good times. 

I strongly believe that the best way to live life to choose to be happy at any and every situation…








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