Wet Thoughts!

This Monday went somehow different from the other Mondays. I mean I had my tuitions and regular studies but apart from that certain things happened. Others may find these things very normal but I have a different opinion about the whole thing.

The dawn broke with a cloudy sky. I had bengali tuition from 11. My teacher comes to my house once a week and we have a batch. After the tuition was over Riccardo and Andy went with me to a nearby field where the three of us played futsal for half an hour. Our other friends could have joined us but they decided to hang out in a nearby bakery  instead. I doubt if they were really hungry. Anyway what I want to highlight is that they choose to hangout in some bakery instead of playing. When I acompanied by Riccardo and Andy walked towards the field we could see them walking towards the bakery. 

I believe that’s how our lives tend to be different. Few of us choose to hangout in bakeries and cake shops instead of sports. 

 At around 5:30 pm I went out to play. The sky looked threatening…replete with black clouds that  swallowed the Sun and now it seemed that they would swallow us too.


However we started playing. We had only begun the game when the darkness of the day was slaughtered by tremendous light that flashed twice and blinded us for few seconds. This was followed by roaring sounds that made the ground shake. Then came a gust of icy cold wind with enough force to flatten a wall. Our cycles fell down. It were, as if, an apocalypse had begun out of nowhere.

“Eric! Get into my house. I don’t think it would be safe for u to go home right now”, said Andy.  Andy’s house is nearer than that of mine. I went with him to his house. There we stood on the veranda which is closed by grills, got ourselves wet in the rain. It was torrential rainfall. The rain made everything look faded.

After the lightening had stopped and the rain had weakened both of us went to our field. It was still raining , not heavy though. We were wet and the more we got wet the more we enjoyed. On reaching the field we played futsal under the rain for an hour.

Finally the rain stopped. We decided to return home. Even though we were completely wet, our bodies were warm. I don’t know what but something made me feel good. As I walked I contemplated how I have changed my life style over the last couple of months. I still remember how badly I had neglected my studies, health , sports, and in fact my habit of reading story books behind social media, which had robbed me of myself. I still remember how I used to sit alone thinking about posts of different people, judging if it was a right post and all that. At the same time I was also judged by my friends of social media. Social media is probably the most vague thing in the world. We chat with friends and think that people really care about us but that’s not so. Actually no one cares. Oh! What have I said just now…well let me explain.  

Two months back I left doing facebook. Previous to that I was pretty much addicted to it. I had many friends ( actually peers) whom I thought were my true well wishers…people who would always help me at any cost. And then I had a special friend, a girl, and I was very much convinced that she loved me and I loved her too and that we would be together whole life. However something happened ….even I don’t know….what actually happened (😅) …but the outcome is that we broke up.

I was extremely sorry about myself. Then I shared this with few of my facebook friends and thought they would say something to convince me and ….. I hope you understand what I had expected of them but no one paid any heat to it or rather no one even bothered. They seemed all too busy with themselves. That day I realized that IF YOU EVER FEEL SORRY ABOUT YOURSELF SHARE IT ONLY WITH YOUR FAMILY AND NO ONE ELSE. I realized they were not true friends….infact there was nothing like friendship among us. That night I left facebook forever. 

Today I am the happiest person in the world. I have got rid of all those insecured feelings which left me gaged few months ago. I was me again ; ever relaxed, ever happy and absolutely stress free. As I walked I felt my freedom, my happiness running through my veins and arteries. Andy , Riccardo and few others are my actual friends. Many of them  still suffer like I used to. They are not confident about themselves. They are confused.



3 thoughts on “Wet Thoughts!

  1. Wonderful!!! U made me speechless!! This piece of writing is just not superb, courageous or praiseworthy. ..it’s just revolutionary. It could work as a beacon of light for many. Always remember that u r an individual and u have come to this world to do something at least for yourself. And when u do anything good for yourself, u would find that u r doing at least something for the humanity.


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