The last sitting

via Daily Prompt: Final

After a few more minutes a bell would ring and mark the end of our final exams. I looked across the hall. An year long strife between books and games will finally come to treaty. I had just finished answering my paper. I looked at  the faces of my friends. I tried to read theirs expressions. Down the line of benches, my friend Riccardo was sitting. He had also finished his paper. He looked at me and nodded. I smiled back. As though we had secretly exchanged a kind of message soldiers exchange after winning a battle. It was somewhat like ” Bravo comrade, this ends today, and its been a tough ride though but a few more minutes and its over…well done…”

I wonder if at any point of time in our lives the final outcome of anything matters. I strongly believe that what we do to reach the final outcome matters much more than the outcome itself…



2 thoughts on “The last sitting

  1. Great thought Ayus .. of course it might create lot of debate .. and to my immense surprise u have simply summarised the Great Message of Gita. But then u have never read Gita .. keep thinking!!!


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