The Call Of The Past

via Daily Prompt: Revelation 

It was so absolutely unexpected that when it really began all of us thought it to be a rumor. It was when a few were called and questioned alone, we realized the weight of the situation. Even then it seemed insane to start inspection about certain things we had done in the past. In a nutshell it was a call from the past, and the worst part is no one had the option of rejecting it. Well let me clarify the events and the chain of consequences that followed us.

A few boys took drugs. Others who didn’t kept quite and did not protest.The inspection began after 3 months. All the boys got black listed. Few were terribly punished. Rest were left with a warning. This whole procedure went on for a month. What we experienced was terrible tension and misery. Lastly it ended.

However when I came to look back at it all I couldn’t help but wonder about how it really began. I also wondered about alternate realities where no one went into drugs at the first place or the alternate realities where the inspection never began and etc. If they really exist I would be glad to see them and more glad to see how they end up!

Well the universe we live in has a mechanism and the most accurate one word explanation  of this mechanism is “PARADOX”.  We all can chose any path we desire but that is where the game becomes interesting – we are not free from the consequence of our choice. The past catches up and strikes and revelations bleed out from those wounds!



8 thoughts on “The Call Of The Past

  1. Entropy Paradox buddy is the best one….
    Suspected species can never be traced by their entropy level as they have dissipated their heat in the opposite species

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