Not so dark after all!!


A turbulent thunder storm had washed away the electricity of the whole city. I was sitting on a chair on my balcony. At times sparks of lightening would glisten an electric purple hue over the face of the firmament. Occasionally Euros would come and a gently kiss the trees and the leaves would rejoice and sawy to and fro. Often I would see two or more vehicles whose headlights would bleed through the dark that seemed to have precipated all around. May be it wasn’t so dark after all!

I remember  a few years back or may be less, a few months back or maybe still less….lets be honest….a few days back such power cuts would agitate me like anything. But now the scenario is quite different.

We say light is essential to make anything blossom. But wait! May be my mind has just blossomed such that I could see light in the dark….such that I could admire the dark like I admire the light…

May be flowers or rather minds, still better to say HEARTS can blossom in the dark too…


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