Moving around these people 


I thrive among men who are always dying to get me and yet I strongly feel their efforts are not. Bored from all these men and theirs activities to get me I sometimes get exhausted. I had began disliking the people when one day my eyes met him. 

He was standing on the boundary of the field waiting for his chance , the time when his coach would give him an opportunity. He was not given any chance at all. So from next day he wouldn’t come to coaching. 

I thought he had given up but my misunderstanding was cleared when I saw him that day at the field. He was the striker and I gazed as he dribbled the ball away from his opponents and scored goals. People would still call him weak and that his legs weren’t strong enough be a striker but he had proven them wrong. They know it better than he knows. 

Suddenly I realised that I have been gazing at him for a long time. I hope he didn’t notice. The next moment he looking at me. May be I am caught. He smiled at me as though saying ” better luck next time” and went away. 

I confess. I am intrigued by him. He is different from the others who strife ( in inappropriate ways ofcourse) day in and day out to win me. Turns out he has won me unkowningly. Yet a victory is a victory and I admit my defeat. Feels good to know that more people like him exist.

Now you must be wonder who I am. People pray for  hours so that I might get in their lives. Different people call me by different names. The English call me “PARAGON “…


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