Where we meet…

He always felt inspired by the those lines, those mere four lines that would always bring a smile to his face. 
But he didn’t understand them properly. Nor did he know their original meaning. But who cares, the best inspiration are generated by the brain and mixed with the blood. Then it the duty of the heart to propagate them to different body parts and in turn to different minds, to different people, to different groups and communities.

He had read them first in Khaled Hosseini’s novel “And the mountains echoed”. 

  “Out beyond the ideas

     Of wrongdoings and rightdoings,

      there is field. 

       I’ll meet you there.”

                      —JELALUDDIN RUMI, 13th                                                                century   

 So that day when he knew he had but only a few speak to he found himself very much confused. He could have drained out his anguish which has been stored and increased over the years. He could crack a sarcastic joke to show how smart he was. He could do many things. Actually he had always longed for that moment when he could really give her a piece of his mind for betraying him, for breaking his heart into pieces and never looking back with an eye of apology. Today was his chance.

There were only two people; the girl and the boy (he). No one else to judge his language or to tell him right or wrong.

He decided to say those four lines. At his last talk with her all he wanted to do was somehow inspire her…


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