The return

I made my last blog post two weeks ago. During these two weeks I believe I was in different realm, shrouded by school books, and so very detached from this realm where we live and breath…

Ok I admit all this was a hyperbole. What I meant to say that my exams were going on!😂. 

However now that they are over I feel quite creative with my mind so full of new ideas….

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Beyond the normal

His master had once said, ” There is no use of having so much energy unless you know how to focus it.” 

However his idea was quite different.

He fearlessly asked his teacher, “Why So?? “

The teacher said, ” A piece of paper won’t burn if you keep it under the Sun. It will burn if you focus the rays a one point.”

The boys said, “Well there is another way of doing it!”

The teacher with a genuine curiosity said, ” Then child you must tell me about it.”

The boy said, ” Well sir the idea is to produce so much uncontrolled energy that you the you can set the whole world on fire at a single shot, like a nuclear fusion, nothing escapes….”

A Winter’s Passion

It was 26th of December and difficult to say whether it was his ruthless passion or the so called spirit of Christmas that triggered him to set out that wintry evening into the threshold of icy cold winds. 

As he mounted his bicycle he wondered what made his passion and his lunacy intermingle to this extent, his woollen muffler flying around his back like the tail of a comet.

Then finally he reached, she also came and they looked at each other, eye to eye, exchanging voiceless messages.

However the presence of too many known people around them prevented them to express their true feelings. 

 Then a bye-bye was exchanged for she must leave and he was left alone, with only the winter, the dark night and the icy winds to embrace him.

Alone at a mid-day


A gust of smoke was injected out into the atmosphere as the bus mounted its gears and set off. I was standing as I could not get a seat. The bus was over crowded. 

As the journey went on slowly the crowd lessened. After half an hour there was enough space to stand properly and after a few more minutes I found a place to sit. I knew my stopage would be the last one. It was mid-day by then. The roads were empty, not many wayfare could be seen. 

A time came when all other passengers had descended and I suddenly discovered that I was the only one sitting. 

I thought if this is how life goes on. As we grow almost all our attachments tend to abandon us like those passengers who left the bus. Then a time comes when we have no attachments left which would hold us to the ground. Then we can fly into the air, travel the ‘untravelled’, see the ‘unseen’, hear the ‘unheard’, think the ‘unthought’ and feel the ‘unfelt’…