Alone at a mid-day


A gust of smoke was injected out into the atmosphere as the bus mounted its gears and set off. I was standing as I could not get a seat. The bus was over crowded. 

As the journey went on slowly the crowd lessened. After half an hour there was enough space to stand properly and after a few more minutes I found a place to sit. I knew my stopage would be the last one. It was mid-day by then. The roads were empty, not many wayfare could be seen. 

A time came when all other passengers had descended and I suddenly discovered that I was the only one sitting. 

I thought if this is how life goes on. As we grow almost all our attachments tend to abandon us like those passengers who left the bus. Then a time comes when we have no attachments left which would hold us to the ground. Then we can fly into the air, travel the ‘untravelled’, see the ‘unseen’, hear the ‘unheard’, think the ‘unthought’ and feel the ‘unfelt’…


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