Few untold tales and Some stardust precipitate…


It a very pleasant moment when all our dreams tend to come true in front of our eyes. Such tales are recorded in the sands of time and told as stories of victory to many a people.

However there are moments when our worst nightmares materialise in front of us and tend to swallow us into the eternal darkness of despair, regret and so gloomy solitude does conquer us that we fail to understand that even the darkest cloud cannot hide sun forever. Such moments make untold takes.

That night the full moon shimmered  in the sky, and with it ,the stars and the roof tops of the houses also shimmered  and with them the tiny tear droplets from Eric’s eyes shimmered too.

 Eric and Gayle sat on one such shimmering roof top. As the sparkle of the sky and glistening stardust embraced them, Eric talked how he had been insulted and rebuked by some of his friends or rather close friends. He only wanted to help them but how lies and betrayals have ended up in proving him a selfish personality and a subject of abusive gossip over his friends.

Unpredictability is the very nature of the universe where we live. Most people easily forget the great amount of help you have offered them previously. They blame you to hide their own mistakes. They think making the world unaware of their guilt would make their miserable lives any better.

But all this would not bring even a hint of a smile upon Eric’s face. Gayle, his best friend,  knew this better than anyone else. So he kept quite. At times Eric would narrate few untold tales with a thin voice as the mighty benevolent sky showered sparkling stardust over them…

(…story to be continued in my next blog post…”the battle of Amino“…)



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