The Battle of Animo

(…this story is a continuation of my previous blog post …”Few untold stories and some stardust precipitate”, to visit click here…..)

It was Eric’s voice which broke the silence. “May be I need to spent some time alone here”. “Ok I will stay down stairs…” came an immediate reply from Gayle. He went downstairs.

Eric was left all alone. It seemed to him that he had nothing to feel good about. His friends had turned against him. His 1st semester exam result has been devastating. The only question that kept ringing in his head was “What next?”. He had no answers. 

“Maybe things were never to go like this” he thought. But even then he felt useless. Desperation slowly conquered over him. In the darkness of night he could feel all his nightmares solidifying around him, taking forms of ghosts and ghouls and closing on him from all sides. He closed his eyes. The next moment he was down his memory lane in the great battle field of his mind but even there he stood cornered by the devils that have bred inside him.

He was alone and they were two many in number. He was afraid of them. But tonight he won’t run away them. He would face them. However he frightened. He was alone. “What kind of battle is this?” he questioned himself. “It’s the battle that you deserve” thundered one devil. 

Suddenly a voice came from behind him. “It’s the battle that you win”. Someone kept a hand on his back and said “We are with you.” He turned back and was rejoyced to see his own army standing behind him. But who were these soldiers? They were none other than his virtues. Every little virtue in him which the world had ignored stood their as strong as any mortal has ever stood in a battle field. 

The great battle would begin.

If he is victorious he might propagate his story…..


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