A homage to late CHESTER BENNINGTON 


Well I should have posted it months ago when I heard the knews that CHESTER BENNINGTON is no more among us. 
Oh! Only if I were worthy enough to pay him this homage.

LINKIN PARK has always been my all time favourite. Probably all those moments when I feel empty, alone, depressed, agigtated, I still listen to LINKIN PARK. These songs have inspired me, rejuvenated me and encouraged all along my life.

Now I feel strange, or rather lonely to know that CHESTER BENNINGTON has passed away. I ask myself if LINKING PARK is not there , then whom will I listen to? Certain things cannot be replaced.

Even when the world seems heavy, those lines from the song, “The Robot Boy” echo my ears.

        You say the weight of the world

             Has kept you from letting go

             And you think compassion’s a flaw

            And you’ll never let it show

           And you’re sure you’ve hurt in a way

           That no one will ever know

            But someday the weight of the world

           Will give you the strength to go”


I still absent mindedly keep singing those lines from the song “LOST IN THE ECHO”

               ” All these promises broken

                   Deep below

                   Each word gets lost in the echoed

                   One last lie 

                    I can see through

                    This time I finally let you go…”



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