And Out

This post is a continuation of my previous post…”Into the Abyss“. To visit click on the link.

Indeed when the mind is conquered by anger, hatred and vengeance, we feel miserable. There is no point breeding any of these inside the mind. Once invaded by these so called demons the mind starts resembling hell. 
We like it when people call us brave, when people call us strong. But how often do we ask ourselves ,”Am I brave enough to fight the demons inside our mind.” 

Are we really brave enough to forgive true ones we hate.

Are we strong enough to supress our desires and follow the path of virtue.

So what do you do when you feel sad because people have not given you the same emotion or feelings that you have them.

Well if you know how it feels like to be betrayed,  you won’t betray anyone.

If you know how it feels when people hurt you, you won’t hurt anyone.

The one and only way to overcome your sadness is to make sure that no one else suffers from that same sadness.

Try it.

Believe me your sadness will vanish into thin air.


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