The New Year Rhapsody

Alone I stood wuthered by the wintry moon light,

Upon the old and shaky roof — undisturbed by day and night;

By the cold winds that make my limbs and spine shiver

But roof stays undisturbed through out the year!

And then, HE came, landing heavily on the roof

And the people made merry as if some miracle has come aloof,

But someone standing beside me deeply sighed…

Did I tell I was alone? May be I lied.

Soon after landing, HE went for the stairs.

Down my family cheered and sparked flared,

And welcomed HIM with such warm applause

For a moment I thought HE was the Santa Claus.

And people shouted HIS name, they said “New year has come!”

They bursted crackers, sang songs and drank fine rum !

Perhaps, the lady I love is somewhere down there…

Too indifferent to remember me, too far to see me standing here.

But who is this lady who stands beside me?

With her grey eyes, I wonder how she can see?

And her face was ragged and her voice would shake

Pretty she was, her hair scattered as a shipwreck.

She said , ” I am called  the previous year.

And I must leave to make HIS path clear!”

Something I learned when she was gone…

The toughest battles of life , you always fight alone!


Merry Chirtmas and Happy New Year to one and all.


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