The Ghost of No Where

I haunt the nights 

With empty hands.

Cold winds out break

Through Moon-lit lands;

Alone I walk 

Seek unseen strands —

And mumble in the breeze,

Like whispering sand!

I garnish the air

With sundry illusions,

With twisted dreams

And dense dillusions.

You can’t stop me

There are no solutions!

Like a stupid riddle:

With endless conclusions.

When, beyond the mid-night,

You are quietly sleeping;

And wake up suddenly,

Sweating and screaming

I’m the ghost of no where!

I’m silenlty sneaking!

Watching you wonder

And say,”Was I dreaming?”

Alone this evening?

Want some fun?

Leave your body!

And we’ll go for a run!

To see the distant

Horizon burn,

With remaining light

Of the sinking Sun.



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