Something More

The Physics class was going on. I was sitting on the last bench, when my eyes fell on the bench next to me. On the desk something very beautiful was written.


Now if you are reading this line for the first time, I will tell you something about it. This line has been taken from the story ,”The Kite Runner”, a story about friendship, a tale of redemption written by none other than the master story teller Khaled Hosseini.


I blankly gazed at the line for a few minutes. This used to be my favourite line. But when was the last time I have said these words to someone? I remember. I had said this my friend, Riccardo, when we were in class 9.(I don’t remember the cause)

Now I am in class 11. Probably in the last two years I have never told the people I love, how much I care for them. In fact I wonder if I have really cared. The last two years have been somewhat like : board exàms…result…admission in good school…class 11 studies…performance in coaching centre and so on.

With relentless competition in the society all we think of is to become better than others. But the question is in order to become something more than other humans…have we become something less?

I wonder…



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