The Ghost And The Waiter

The Occasion

It was the beginning of something.
Something new and fresh.
Something no one had ever seen before.
People were really excited to it.
No one precisely knew what it was but just because it was something new, they were excited.

I somehow pushed my way through the crowd.
The afternoon seemed blank.
As blank as the occasion .

And now you might be thinking, ” Man what’s going on! Can you clarify? Will you spill the beans?”

In fact I still don’t know what was going or why was I there or what had happened.

I just remember the crowd and the noise , and… is there anything I am missing out ?
Probably not.

The Waiter

A face.
How can forget that?
The face!
Someone I used to know.
As blank as that afternoon.
Empty and void from any expression.
So unknown.

And I said,” But that’s your job!”
“Excuse me , Sir , I was asking for your order”
My senses returned.
“Oh! I am sorry…I will have a bottle of coke.”
The waiter walked away.

Ana asked ,”Hey what’s wrong?”
“No I am fine.”
“Just a bit tired!”
“Of what “
“Of waiting”
“Sorry , I mean the day has been hectic.”


The Ghost

After dropping Ana I was walking back to my home.
“Whats so special about the face?” someone spoke.

I turned around, there was no one.

“Come on, watching me isn’t so important , is it?
“What’s going on?”

“May be you are just tired”

“Why can’t I see you?”

“Well unlike the television screen, in real life you don’t get to see the people who have seized to exist.”

“What do you want?”

“I like helping people , and apart from that you can gift me a Lamborgini!”

“Who are you ? And why are you doing this?”

“You see I am the waiter. We met today a the restaurant, remember? And all I want to tell you is that waiting itself is a tedious job and it seems even more disgusting when you know that you are waiting!”

I never heard that voice again.

-the end



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