U Remember ???

At first I hesitated. Then I picked up some courage and walked up to the exact spot where we used to sit. I slowly sat down.

Then I slowly moved my hand over the sandy soil, then the trees and then the dry leaves that lay on the ground. I closed eyes so that I could feel the place.

The place where we gathered during the Tiffin break. Me , Prithvijit and Anish. It was our favourite place and no one ever came there to disturb us. We would sit over there under those trees which were later named Lucifer trees by Prithvijit after he saw the letter ‘L’ written on them. One day he even stole a chalk from the class and wrote Lucifer on those trees.

This was the place where we did all crazy things like summoning a ghost and planning out our secret operations.

My good old school and those days of class ten with my two best friends.

Well time victimizes us. Some of us hate looking back and search for a new beginning. Some of us, like me, hate looking back but still look back because deep inside we can’t cut loose our previous attachments. But eventually we all move on!



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