And Out

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Indeed when the mind is conquered by anger, hatred and vengeance, we feel miserable. There is no point breeding any of these inside the mind. Once invaded by these so called demons the mind starts resembling hell. 
We like it when people call us brave, when people call us strong. But how often do we ask ourselves ,”Am I brave enough to fight the demons inside our mind.” 

Are we really brave enough to forgive true ones we hate.

Are we strong enough to supress our desires and follow the path of virtue.

So what do you do when you feel sad because people have not given you the same emotion or feelings that you have them.

Well if you know how it feels like to be betrayed,  you won’t betray anyone.

If you know how it feels when people hurt you, you won’t hurt anyone.

The one and only way to overcome your sadness is to make sure that no one else suffers from that same sadness.

Try it.

Believe me your sadness will vanish into thin air.


Into The Abyss 

This is a continuation of my previous post “The second battle of animo“. To visit click on the link.

And down I fell 

In the face of hell

Waiting for the devil to ring my knell

Scared and shocked

Scornful and mocked

In the face of hell

Down I fell

Waiting for the devil to ring my knell

Demons every where 

Thundered and glared

But they seemed familiar

As at there faces I stared

In the bottom of hell

So down I fell

Waiting for the devil to ring my knell

I have faced you before

Your faces are ugly and sore

As you stand in a queue

Oh the demons of hell

So tell me who are you

So down have I fell

Waiting for the devil to ring my knell

And dumb stood I

Wishing all this to be a lie

As the demons said

We are so and so 

And we live under your bed

And alone in hell

My fate with me fell

Waiting for the devil to ring my knell

One said I am anger

And here I linger

I rule your mind

I make you blind

So welcome to hell

For down you have fell

Now wait for the devil to ring your knell

One said I am vengeance 

For the soul a penance

For a fool a dream

For the wise a scream

I am the gateway to hell

Now that down you have fell

Wait for the devil to ring your knell

Call me lust

Said another

And I am a must

I am your brother

And a tout in hell 

And your life will I sell 

Just wait for the devil to ring your knell

So in the chamber of hell 

So down have I fell

I must wait for the devil to ring my knell.

To be continued….

The 2nd battle of Animo

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I have a habit of over thinking. In fact I am very nostalgic. I like changes in my life but I am so dumb that I keep dreaming about the past ,thinking about the alternate realities that might have existed.

Sometimes I believe I am just a drama queen. Well I don’t think that’s bad. There are people who think life is meaningless and spend there lives in a silly irony, there are people who slaughter mankind in the name of religion, I mean terrorists and similarly there are people who love to dramatize any situation and can go to any extent to do so. Well I am one such dramatic people.

However that day as I walked into the Bank Colony- a place where I had spent the whole of my childhood- I was put in a trance. I have been to trances before but never have pushed my mental abilities to such an extent.

When I left bank colony I was 14. My life had gone through a major change. The world seemed to have changed. Pressure of studies, more tuitions, moving to a new place, new friends, changes in my body and what startled me the most was a strange desire for the opposite gender. Things went on like this. Then began my days of love. Pondered one whole year in the false belief that when someone says ,” I love u” they really mean to stay faithful and committed. But after an year when THINGS were over I suddenly found myself stuck between my ego , my desires , my sense of irony and of course academic pressure.

But that day the tables turned. As I walked in the place I had left years ago I could see those two worlds clashing.

The world I had left behind and the world in which I live now. I remember how happy I was back in those days that world which nourished me all about my childhood. But this new world…what has it given me apart from sorrows and regrets and blames?

So the worlds clashed. Deafening loud noise was produced. Sparks scattered. Flames everywhere. The ground cracked. Strange demons flew out from the ABYSS . 

The fall has indeed began…

It’s time I fall… down ….even below the hell..

Indeed the fall has come.

To be continued in my next post…”into the abyss”.To visit click on the link.




It has been months since he had talked with her.But it was not difficult to see that he was  still enamored of her. 
He won’t even looked at her anymore. No more voiceless messages through eyes.And yet he was convinced that he talked with her. 

Probably in a special language called SILENCE.

Perhaps the other languages could not express infatuation along with hatred and vengeance and repression along with carings and love all at the same time…

The Sky Roofed Solitude


The Sky was gleaming with a olive blue shade.
The scenery was magnetic.

A cool wind made the warmth of the Sun more comfortable.

I stood on the roof and wondered…

How often do we feel lonely even if we are not…

And how often are we too alone to feel lonely…

“Not so alone, after all!” says someone from the back.

Looking back I see my old friend KARMA.


A homage to late CHESTER BENNINGTON 


Well I should have posted it months ago when I heard the knews that CHESTER BENNINGTON is no more among us. 
Oh! Only if I were worthy enough to pay him this homage.

LINKIN PARK has always been my all time favourite. Probably all those moments when I feel empty, alone, depressed, agigtated, I still listen to LINKIN PARK. These songs have inspired me, rejuvenated me and encouraged all along my life.

Now I feel strange, or rather lonely to know that CHESTER BENNINGTON has passed away. I ask myself if LINKING PARK is not there , then whom will I listen to? Certain things cannot be replaced.

Even when the world seems heavy, those lines from the song, “The Robot Boy” echo my ears.

        You say the weight of the world

             Has kept you from letting go

             And you think compassion’s a flaw

            And you’ll never let it show

           And you’re sure you’ve hurt in a way

           That no one will ever know

            But someday the weight of the world

           Will give you the strength to go”


I still absent mindedly keep singing those lines from the song “LOST IN THE ECHO”

               ” All these promises broken

                   Deep below

                   Each word gets lost in the echoed

                   One last lie 

                    I can see through

                    This time I finally let you go…”


Searching for Love


Seldom do our senses and our sense organs synchronize…
We ,at times, get desperate to find love. 

And then we assign this duty to our eyes.

Our eyes are but seduced by beauty.

Let’s close our eyes.

Let’s allow the heart to make its own random choice.

Sounds scary right?…😂😂😂

Well I did so!

And my heart did make its own random choice.

Surprisingly the choice did not include that fair girl with shiny eyes and a pair of glasses, whom my eyes had suggested!

Surprisingly choice included my childhood friends ,who are like my brothers, and my beloved family.