Something More

The Physics class was going on. I was sitting on the last bench, when my eyes fell on the bench next to me. On the desk something very beautiful was written.


Now if you are reading this line for the first time, I will tell you something about it. This line has been taken from the story ,”The Kite Runner”, a story about friendship, a tale of redemption written by none other than the master story teller Khaled Hosseini.


I blankly gazed at the line for a few minutes. This used to be my favourite line. But when was the last time I have said these words to someone? I remember. I had said this my friend, Riccardo, when we were in class 9.(I don’t remember the cause)

Now I am in class 11. Probably in the last two years I have never told the people I love, how much I care for them. In fact I wonder if I have really cared. The last two years have been somewhat like : board exàms…result…admission in good school…class 11 studies…performance in coaching centre and so on.

With relentless competition in the society all we think of is to become better than others. But the question is in order to become something more than other humans…have we become something less?

I wonder…



The Ghost of No Where

I haunt the nights 

With empty hands.

Cold winds out break

Through Moon-lit lands;

Alone I walk 

Seek unseen strands —

And mumble in the breeze,

Like whispering sand!

I garnish the air

With sundry illusions,

With twisted dreams

And dense dillusions.

You can’t stop me

There are no solutions!

Like a stupid riddle:

With endless conclusions.

When, beyond the mid-night,

You are quietly sleeping;

And wake up suddenly,

Sweating and screaming

I’m the ghost of no where!

I’m silenlty sneaking!

Watching you wonder

And say,”Was I dreaming?”

Alone this evening?

Want some fun?

Leave your body!

And we’ll go for a run!

To see the distant

Horizon burn,

With remaining light

Of the sinking Sun.


Before The Storm

I open my eyes, I remain silent.

The people around make noise and look violent.

Asking myself every second if I should hasten ?

The people make fun and wait for something to happen!

My mind says,”Run , take some hide”

“Hold on , fight back”, says my pride.

I listen to my pride and see the mocking crowd.

My ideal Chester, I will make him proud!

Love lost, frightened, the past bleeds through the iris.

But life’s true potential awaits some crisis.

And  the people Evoke ,”Why this silent form?”

Thats a proverbial lull before the strom! 


The New Year Rhapsody

Alone I stood wuthered by the wintry moon light,

Upon the old and shaky roof — undisturbed by day and night;

By the cold winds that make my limbs and spine shiver

But roof stays undisturbed through out the year!

And then, HE came, landing heavily on the roof

And the people made merry as if some miracle has come aloof,

But someone standing beside me deeply sighed…

Did I tell I was alone? May be I lied.

Soon after landing, HE went for the stairs.

Down my family cheered and sparked flared,

And welcomed HIM with such warm applause

For a moment I thought HE was the Santa Claus.

And people shouted HIS name, they said “New year has come!”

They bursted crackers, sang songs and drank fine rum !

Perhaps, the lady I love is somewhere down there…

Too indifferent to remember me, too far to see me standing here.

But who is this lady who stands beside me?

With her grey eyes, I wonder how she can see?

And her face was ragged and her voice would shake

Pretty she was, her hair scattered as a shipwreck.

She said , ” I am called  the previous year.

And I must leave to make HIS path clear!”

Something I learned when she was gone…

The toughest battles of life , you always fight alone!


Merry Chirtmas and Happy New Year to one and all.

On Last School Day

(Today we had our last school day… so with heavy heart , missing all those good old days I composed this short poem…)
The winter suddenly got more cold

Feeling alone, no one to hold

Am I the only one who says ?

“Gone are my old school days!”

The night will fade, day light will crack

Those good old days, they won’t come back

And so my soul regrets and says

“Give me back my old school days”

And yet what begun ought to end

Feelings, memories and emotions blend

With hope and faith we all day

“Tomorrow may be a better day”

Our eyes wet and faces swollen

Courage and strength, taught and spoken

Someone from nowhere suddenly says

“Coming are the better days!”


Mid-night Wilderness 

Mid-Night was an hour before

Asleep I lay in my bed,

When wild music woke me up

“Where am I? ” I said…

At first a thud on my roof —

Then dusteps, bass and dance

Where I am I wondered aloof

For I was in a trance

It seemed I was all alone:

For no one I could see,

Masked folks then entered the scene

Jokers broke free!

At first they all surrounded me

Then dusteps, bass and dance

Where I am I wondered aloof

For I was in a trance…

And when the pomp and show was on 

So lost I was, nothing seemed wrong

An earthly call woke up…

And my lively trance was gone

“Where are you ” someone asked

“Asleep you rolled and danced!”

Where I was I cannot tell 

For I was in a trance.

And Out

This post is a continuation of my previous post…”Into the Abyss“. To visit click on the link.

Indeed when the mind is conquered by anger, hatred and vengeance, we feel miserable. There is no point breeding any of these inside the mind. Once invaded by these so called demons the mind starts resembling hell. 
We like it when people call us brave, when people call us strong. But how often do we ask ourselves ,”Am I brave enough to fight the demons inside our mind.” 

Are we really brave enough to forgive true ones we hate.

Are we strong enough to supress our desires and follow the path of virtue.

So what do you do when you feel sad because people have not given you the same emotion or feelings that you have them.

Well if you know how it feels like to be betrayed,  you won’t betray anyone.

If you know how it feels when people hurt you, you won’t hurt anyone.

The one and only way to overcome your sadness is to make sure that no one else suffers from that same sadness.

Try it.

Believe me your sadness will vanish into thin air.

Into The Abyss 

This is a continuation of my previous post “The second battle of animo“. To visit click on the link.

And down I fell 

In the face of hell

Waiting for the devil to ring my knell

Scared and shocked

Scornful and mocked

In the face of hell

Down I fell

Waiting for the devil to ring my knell

Demons every where 

Thundered and glared

But they seemed familiar

As at there faces I stared

In the bottom of hell

So down I fell

Waiting for the devil to ring my knell

I have faced you before

Your faces are ugly and sore

As you stand in a queue

Oh the demons of hell

So tell me who are you

So down have I fell

Waiting for the devil to ring my knell

And dumb stood I

Wishing all this to be a lie

As the demons said

We are so and so 

And we live under your bed

And alone in hell

My fate with me fell

Waiting for the devil to ring my knell

One said I am anger

And here I linger

I rule your mind

I make you blind

So welcome to hell

For down you have fell

Now wait for the devil to ring your knell

One said I am vengeance 

For the soul a penance

For a fool a dream

For the wise a scream

I am the gateway to hell

Now that down you have fell

Wait for the devil to ring your knell

Call me lust

Said another

And I am a must

I am your brother

And a tout in hell 

And your life will I sell 

Just wait for the devil to ring your knell

So in the chamber of hell 

So down have I fell

I must wait for the devil to ring my knell.

To be continued….